Our Customer Philosophy

Defining Posterity (pa-ster-e-te): all future generations

Regardless of your current situation we are here to empower your future. It is important to think about your future and legacy. The future encompasses many aspects such as saving for retirement, buying a house, saving for a child’s education, saving for a vacation home, reducing your tax liability, and passing on your estate in a tax efficient manner. Almost every decision we make or action we take today, not only has an impact on us financially and emotionally, but can impact the lives of our stakeholders (children, parents, friends, clients, and partners).


The Allen CPA Firm improves the lives of individuals by empowering them with financial knowledge and implementing financial strategies. Building a solid financial foundation requires saving today for a better tomorrow: The Allen CPA Firm helps create generational wealth.


Successful businesses play a vital role in America’s economy. At The Allen CPA Firm, we advocate for helping businesses increase profits and achieving operation excellence. We understand that successful businesses create prosperity by creating jobs, supporting shareholders, and giving back to the community. The Allen CPA Firm was established to aid businesses in becoming prosperous and successful.

Your success is key to establishing a legacy for posterity.

Start Improving Your Business Today

We bring over 15 years of public practice experience to our clients. At The Allen CPA Firm, we help clients achieve success by providing sage tax and financial advice, being responsive, giving clients individual attention, conducting business with integrity, and building long term relationships with our clients. Our educated and experienced staff are always delighted to serve you.

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